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Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Test Hero!

I know many of you have state testing, end of the year testing approaching and so I wanted to share something that I have done with my students for a few years now.  We create Test Super Heroes!  Our super heroes help us remember those test taking skills that little friends need to learn in order to be successful.  The kiddos learn about different test taking skills: reading all directions carefully, having positive thoughts, skipping questions they aren't sure about and returning to them later, using all the new things they have learned throughout the year, and many more!  Once they have learned about these, each kiddo picks a skill/strategy that they create a superhero around.  They develop a name, an outfit, and a motto and then we make "real-size" super heroes to hang around the school and encourage everyone.  This is a fun project and it is worth the time to get the kiddos excited- the rest of the staff loves it too! I have already had co-workers stopping in and asking when the super heroes are arriving! :)

Here are some of my kiddos working on their heroes- we have Mind Check (activating her schema), Flag Man (flagging questions we aren't sure about and going back later) and Miss Multiplication (remembering those multiplication facts)!

I also wanted to share the graphic organizer and lessons that I use in case you want your kiddos to be  Test Heroes too!
Click here to download it for free!


  1. That sounds like an empowering kind of activity!
    ❀ Tammy
    Forever in First

  2. Thanks! This is great for motivation!

  3. Thanks for stopping by Working 4 the Classroom and inviting me, to check out your great ideas!! I love this! I'm your newest follower! Find me on Facebook so that we can connect there too!