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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Valentine Party!

Did you have fun today?  I certainly did! For my kiddos, it seems like Valentine's day is the bigger holiday than Christmas, so we keep it low key in December and then let loose in February!  Look at my loot!
I certainly felt the love today and I think the kids did too!
I wanted to share a writing/art project that we worked on today.  The original idea for the art project came from Art Projects for Kids: Hearts & Trees I just noticed that the project is re-posted.  I was going off of the original that I made a couple of years ago so I hope that I didn't forget a step!

The stationary and Love is... prompt is from The Bubbly Blonde TpT store  The kiddos had so many wonderful things to write about- and for a quick writing activity on a sugar filled day they turned out wonderfully!

Before I go- I wanted to share another wonderful Valentine activity from Art Projects for Kids that I have done in the past- Valentine LOVE card they are one of my favorite art projects to work on with the kids and I have done it every year- except this one! :(  It does take a while and my group this year is so SLOW and METICULOUS so I knew that I just wouldn't have the time.  So- here is an old picture of the project instead!


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    1. Thank you for the comments- I appreciate it! :)

  2. I love the Valentine Card holder on the chair:) Neat!!!
    I am your newest follower....Happy Thursday!
    1st GRADE ROCKS!!!

    1. Thank you!

      Question for you or for Tammy- how do you get the link to your blog to show up under your name? I haven't been able to figure it out!