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Sunday, February 12, 2012

100 Day Celebration

Our 100th day finally arrived!  Except- not really- our 100th day is on Valentine's Day and so we celebrated on our 98th day so that we could spread out the festivities!

My morning started with this!

That is my team.  I am in the middle!  We all dressed up like we were 100 year old grannies for the 100th day!  It was a surprise for the kids- and the rest of the staff- and everyone had a blast!  We pick up our students from the gym in the morning and then walk them back to the classroom so we waited to be the last to pick up and I pushed my teammate (in the curlers) in a wheelchair.  What a way to get the kids excited!  The nurse even played along and brought us all medicine around lunchtime.  What a hoot!

The students worked on a variety of typical 100th day activities but my favorite was a project I got from pinterest.  I can't find the original anymore (does the Pinterest new design make it harder for you to find things- or just me) but here is the poster I got it from:

The students had a blast thinking about what they would be like when they are 100.  Unfortunately we didn't have much time in our day to get the project completed and because of other activities/events we have no time to push it over to another day.  So, their writing isn't as detailed as I would normally want it to be- but for a quick write- they turned out pretty cute.

Hope you had a wonderful 100th day!

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