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Monday, February 6, 2012

Author's Purpose

My group has been working hard at determining the author's purpose.  It seems like it is finally starting to click for them and I couldn't be happier! I found some wonderful resources through pinterest to help the students along the way.  So, I thought I would give back by sharing my go-to author's purpose organizer- that I created! (The cute squiggle border is from Graphics on the Pond- free on TpT)

I use the organizer for a variety of things- sorting book titles into the appropriate category, organizing the attributes of the different purposes, and anything else we might think of that day!  Hope it can be as useful to you as it is to me!  Click this link to access the Google Docs pdf version of the organizer.

The posters are free from Mrs. Gilchrist's Class
The paper plate PIE is from: 2nd Grade with Mrs. Wade