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Monday, August 26, 2013

Classroom Reveal!

Here are pictures from my classroom! I have a lot of pictures to share so I will try to keep the post brief and give you time to look at how everything came together.  After spending time decorating one classroom for kindergarteners, I was moved to a different room to teach second grade! So even though I have been back in the classroom since the beginning of August, I spent most of that time preparing for kindergarten and was rushing up until the last minute to get ready for a new room/position! :)  

So, this classroom is a work in progress!
This is the view from the door as you walk in to the classroom.

This is the view towards the front of the room.

My listening center is an ikea laundry shelf. I love that it comes with hooks that hold my headphones perfectly! I made the crate seats this summer and my former teammate and current friend made the curtains.

This is our time-out or cool down area.  Our school follows a positive discipline approach to classroom management.  I have emotion cards printed out on the wall as well as a bug and wish poster that I made.  Students can sit on the exercise ball if they need a break.

This is our learning target board "owl-ways learning." I will post our learning targets there daily along with the proof or how they will know when they've met the target.  The left side of the board has class rules and will have birthday photos.  The right side of the board will hold our class data. 
This is my guided reading and calendar area.  The pocket chart is hanging on an ikea laundry rack.

This is my teaching corner from the carpet. With my easel and a class conversation board. It holds our "talk-moves" posters and will also hold our good listeners/ active participants anchor charts

This is the view from the front of the room looking towards the back.  You can see my tech cart and notice my pencil sharpener! I rarely win things so I just went ahead and bought one, it was worth it!

This is our library corner.  The tall shelves hold leveled books that students will put in their book boxes.  The picture books are in rain gutters so that they face forward.

A close up of the rain gutters.  My first year teaching, I contacted a gutter company and asked if they had any scraps or leftovers.  They not only agreed to give these to me for free but they also delivered them to my school! I mounted them to plywood covered in fabric so that I could move them around.  I have loved them! 

My students have their cubbies inside of these.   What you see is my word wall.

My hall passes and where are you going student board (available on Tpt).

We are still getting the bus situation sorted out but these will eventually have clips on them with students names/ bus numbers.

I just love these table numbers! The owls are from Carson Dellosa, I made the poofs and bought the fans from Party City.

This will be the writing center, it is still in the works!

This houses all of our supplies.  I turn around the students' desks because I can't stand the mess, so we share everything!

A close up of my class conversation board.  You can purchase the posters from my TPT store

I actually organized all my math manipulatives this year.  I even created my own labels and labeled everything!
I hope you enjoyed my classroom tour!


  1. Very inspiring! I had seen the rain gutters before but did not want to figure out how to mount them on cinderblock walls. I think I will use plywood to fasten the rain gutters. Do they ever tip over?

    1. They have tipped over- but only with student assistance ;) I just have them leaning and teach the kiddos not to pull on them!

  2. Everything looks great. I noticed the round little cushions stacked in your library. Where did you get those?
    ❀ Tammy
    Forever in First

    1. I got them with my scholastic book order bonus points!