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Saturday, June 9, 2012

Why has it been so long?

Many apologies for not posting in a while.  Honestly, I have been so wrapped up in end of the year stuff that I haven't had much time!

I remember I read advice somewhere that if you are planning on changing up your room arrangement you should test it out with your current class so you have a good idea of whether or not you like the flow, etc. I have been busy working on my room now so that I have less to do in August when I go back into the classroom.  First, I wanted a different theme.  I have enjoyed the colors that I worked with this year, but since I am switching to second grade I thought I wanted a little something different.  So, I kept the same paper on the walls but I got some new borders to put up.  How lucky am I that I don't have to take anything down for the summer?!
I love these borders from Carson Dellosa.  They are so cute and cheerful.  I picked them first but didn't want to go overboard on the owl theme.  So, I picked some more neutral borders in coordinating colors.

These are super cute from Creative Teaching Press and they look adorable.  I wanted a little something extra though to tie in the owls and forest theme I had in mind originally.  I had a burst of inspiration when I was cleaning out my closet and found some old discovery trimmers from TREND that were the perfect fit.
So now I have all the trim switched out and I am loving how they look together.  I left school in a hurry on Friday and so I didn't snap any pictures to show you.  I will post an update next week with the pictures.

I also took down all of my anchor charts and moved my word wall.  This year was my first year with a word wall and I actually used it and the kids actually used it!  The only problem was that it was up so high that I couldn't reach it without standing on a ladder.  I moved it so that I will have more access to it next year.  I am still trying to think of something so that the kiddos can use it more- I am thinking a glossary in a journal?  I would love to have the word wall somewhere that they can actually touch and manipulate the words but I just can't imagine a spot in my current space.

Well, I will update with pictures of the new trim and the new desk arrangement I am trying out.  I also moved my listening center and I am still thinking of a new arrangement for my library.  So much to do! I spent Friday sorting through my files and scanning in some things, recycling others, and keeping very few!  PHEW!  Enjoy your weekend, I still have 8 more days of school!


  1. Love the new colors and theme for your room next year! You will love 2nd grade!! I taught that grade for 16 years and loved it so much.
    Conversations in Literacy

  2. There comes a time when the place needs a new look. I've been there several times. It always feels good to update things a bit. Enjoy your last 8 days!
    ❀ Tammy
    Forever in First

  3. I agree, you will LOVE 2nd grade! Just discovered your blog and am your newest follower. I have a new 2nd grade blog and would love for you to stop by!

    Teaching Maddeness