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Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Bucket Fillers

This post doesn't have any new tips or tricks and it doesn't have any pictures but I just needed to share a sweet school story.  Students at my school eat lunch in the classroom and I monitor their 30 minute lunchtime.  Usually students are finished eating sooner than lunch is over and so they are allowed to write "bucket filling notes" to their classmates when they are done eating.  They have a bucket filler slip and when they have written one they put it in their friend's bucket to check later.  I also have a bucket and I can get some very sweet and often hilarious notes in there.  Today I got one that I have never received before...this student filled my bucket by saying "Dear Ms. B, you are the CUTEST teacher EVER!!!!"  How sweet- I have never been called cute by a 7 year old before!

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